Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let The Tempest Come..

I sent her to your dreams badman.
It's not your imagination.
Dreams are Fun
Let The Tempest Come.


  1. Let the tempest come, and we will ride the waves till morning.
    Let the Tempest come, and swallow you like the sea.
    Let the tempest come, and batter you around till you're drowing.
    Let the Tempest come, and show us what the storms can see.


    Or did you have this in mind:

    Let it Come Down
    Let the Tempest Come
    "It Will be Rain To-night"
    Let the Tempest Come

    These Wounds Won't Kill Me
    They'll Make Me Grow Inside
    I Will Try to Use Them
    And Wear My Scars With Pride

    Do we get to see your scars, Penelope, or are the wounds still healing over?

    See you around

  2. Ooh another pretty one... I like snakes

    As for The Tempest
    "Hell is empty
    And all the devils are here"


  3. Penelope, I hate to break this to you, but your friends and the dreams they send don't have shit on the carnage I've seen the bad guys wreak.

    Don't get me wrong, they're scary as hell. But a dream or two really isn't going to change much in anyone's life, let alone your 'friend' Death's.

    Amp up your game plan, I'm pretty sure it isn't having the intended effect. Maybe I'm wrong?

  4. Hehe Dia you're silly.

    These aren't just dreams. They're real friends.

    Bad and tall hurt me.

    Now we hurt them.

    We don't like to share.

    Silly goose.

  5. Yet you share your prey? Oh Penelope, you have such lovely freinds, I just want to see a few more of them. I know pactince is a virtue, but I guess that means I'm not that virtuious.

    See you around