Monday, May 16, 2011


Look in my following list and check out Knitwolf's work.

She's great at what she does.
Check the slendy dolls.

If creepy can be cute.. these are it.

I'm working on a new poem.

I'll let you in on it in a while.



  1. Wow...Thank you for the reccommendation and the kind words *blushes*

    Given your other posts here, I hope seeing Slendy in a small cuddly manageable form gives you some comfort...

    Also, I figured I'd say this here rather than responding to each post individually but I have to ask you something:

    You don't happen to read
    do you?

    There are a few posts there that seem to oddly corespond to yours... For example, his posts for May 13 and April 27 seem to go along with yours for the same days

    Sorry to get dark there for a minute, but I thought you might want to check it out

  2. Oh God.. I had not seen that blog before. Maybe it's just an odd coincidence? Where is he from? How could he know me?

    Please, please, please don't mention me to him.

    If it's not a coincidence. I want nothing to do with him.


  3. I hope it is coincidence but don't worry, I won't mention you.

    I will however, continue to play his little game... maybe find out more on what he intends to do. I find him amusing in a morbid sort of way, but if you've read his posts and seen my comments, that should come as no suprise.